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Welcome Back/Contact Information

Hi everyone! I finally got the journal name that I've always wanted for this journal after years and years of waiting! :D I also purged all of the entries that I had before. Hopefully this time around I'll be able to post photos of my costumes (even if its not progress photos) that I've worn, as well as convention reviews. I'll also be posting an FAQ, and open up to questions (comments will be screened) that anyone might have!

If you are looking for my past costumes, construction notes, etc here are links to where I post my costume work:

ACParadise: Serephita
DeviantArt: Costume dA
CosCom: Serephita*
Facebook: My Page
Tumblr: Tumblr

*My CosCom is a bit out of date, and doesn't have any actual photos beyond the thumbnails/icons of the costumes. I'll be updating it within the next few months!


Q 1. Do you take commissions?

A: As a general rule of thumb, no. I have been known to make things for friends (or boyfriends) on occasion, I try not to make a regular thing of it, since I generally only am able to do this in my spare time between working and taking care of other obligations. Recently this did change a bit, but I've also taken on more time-consuming costumes which leaves me for less time to make things for friends. I will also occasionally make wigs for friends (to go with costumes) but that is even more rare than making them costumes. I'm not a hair stylist, so wig styling is a bit of a struggle sometimes.

Q 2. Can I buy your costumes?

A: Sometimes I will post a costume for sale, in cosplay, and I will either link or cross-post it here. Most of the time, I will post wigs that I haven't worn or will not wear again. Unfortunately up until recently, I wasn't doing a great job on construction of my costumes, so as a result, they aren't standing up to time, so they're being tossed.

Q 3. Do you make your costumes?

A: Yup! Except my first two costumes - Advent Children Aerith, and Wallmarket - I have made all of the costumes I've worn. I have no problems giving full credit to someone else if they put their hard work into making something, because I've been there, and I know how it is! My ACParadise and dA accounts have more detailed construction notes and tutorials for different methods that I use when making things.

Q 4. Will you be attending ____ convention?

A: Possibly? Right now my conventions are a bit up in the air, because as I write this, I'm in the middle of transitioning to move from the east coast to a completely different climate across the country! I imagine I will continue to attend AnimeBoston and definitely (as of 2013, AB will depend on where I am living) AnotherAnimeCon (I am a staffer) no matter where I live, but other conventions are up in the air as of right now.

Q 5. Why don't you have any "Awards Won" listed for your costumes?

A: I have only entered one craftsmanship competition, so there really aren't many awards to list just yet!

Q 6. What are your "tools of the trade"?

A: I currently use a Viking Tribute 140C sewing machine, Viking Designer Topaz 20 embroidery machine, Viking 200S overlock/serger, and Singer dress form.

Please comment if you have any more questions, and I will either leave a reply in comments or post a reply here!



I am cleaning out my wig stash, and am selling off over 30 wigs (!!) Most of these have never been worn, and are in great condition.

*All wigs prices include shipping anywhere in the US - a tracking number will be sent to you once the wig has shipped.

*I only accept PayPal for payments, or cash in person.

*I am not interested in trades, I need to clean out my wigs in anticipation for a move.

*Any wigs have been worn with a wig cap, then washed and sprayed with a wig disinfectant to keep them clean.

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